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Productivity/Educational Self-Improvement Speed Reading Software
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9 February 2006

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    Do you need help in improving your reading speed. You can do it very easily with AceReader. This software will see what your reading speed is and help you improve it both online and offline.
    This software is a tool which can help you read faster while maintaining comprehension. It especially required in this age where everything is done on the computer. There are many reasons you should use this software because it can used for many things. You can use this software as a diagnostic reading assessment tool. Also, you can use this software as a pacing tool (Tachistoscope). It does more than what a traditional Tachistoscope could do; it gives you the ability to track student progress. You can even use this software as a warm up tool for warming up your reading skills. This software can also be used as a low vision aid, dyslexia aid, photo reading aid and speed reading aid.
    The number of uses to this software are endless. You can do a whole lot of things with the AceReader.

Publisher's description

Productivity/Educational Self-Improvement Reading Software. Speed Reading Software. Read faster while on your computer by reading in Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) mode. In RSVP mode the words come to your eyes instead of your eyes going to the words. Learn to read faster both on and off your computer by practicing to read in RSVP and Tachistoscopic Scroll mode at configurable speed settings. In Tachistoscopic mode, your eyes are forced to move in normal fashion but at preset speeds. Comes complete with reading/comprehension tests that are broken out by grade levels. Test results are logged on a per user basis and can be viewed graphically. Designed for use by all ages (from the high powered executives that needs to read faster in today's information age, to children just learning how to read). Can be used to rapidly read and skim text found in documents and your clipboard. Using the clipboard allows for reading text from other applications like your favorite word processor and text from the Internet (i.e. web pages, email, news groups...). Many options: set font, set background color, set mode (Center Text, or Eye Trainer Scroll), number of words or lines per flash, column width, set delays (if certain punctuation or long words are found), set burst reading lengths. Main screen allows for setting current document position, setting speed, burst back/repeat/forward, Search-N-Read options, and displays your last reading speed. Includes online help.
Version 4.7
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